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Fire protection for nonwoven production


Pelz Group - "Products for a better life"

In the district of Wahlstedt, Germany, hygiene products are produced for everyday use. Founded in the 1970s, more than 700 employees are now employed by the family business. This makes the company Pelz the largest employer in the region.
Under the slogan "Products for a better life" known brand products such as cotton buds Q-tips or cosmetic pads Jean Carol are produced. The buyer of the products is the retail trade.


The processing of nonwoven holds many risks of fire and explosion


The danger of the complex production of hygiene products lies in the processing of finely processed fibers. The finely processed fiber is quickly flammable. If there are foreign bodies in the material, there is a risk of spark formation due to friction at numerous points. In addition to foreign bodies, there is a further risk of fire from moving parts of the system. In particular, the fans of the exhaust systems can be due to wear and friction origin of sparks and smoldering.

The GreCon spark extinguishing system identifies potential dangers with lightning speed and controls the automatic extinguishing system within only 300 milliseconds. Ignition sources are extinguished before a fire occurs.


Spark detection and extinguishment for nonwoven production


The alarms of the GreCon spark extinguishing system start up at the fire alarm panel. This is located in the constantly occupied control room. In the meantime, 60 spark detectors have been installed at the Wahlstedt site, monitoring all hazardous areas of production. The assembly and installation of the spark extinguishing system were handled centrally by Fagus-GreCon. The Fagus-GreCon customer service took care of all necessary work. In addition to the installation of the spark extinguishing system, the complete assembly also includes all accompanying work on the construction site, such as electrical wiring or water installation.


Technical details of the spark extinguishing system at PELZ site
  • 3 control consoles of the CC7000 series
  • Overall 60 detection and extinguishing units
  • Highly sensitve FM 1/8 spark detectors
  • Full automatic extinguishing system


The following products are used

Spark detector FM1/8  : Spark detection preferably in dark areas


Extinguishing Device : Extinguishment

Control Console CC 7000 : Individually programmable for complex control solutions



"We can not afford a loss of production at any time"

"There are regular occurrences which can be quickly rendered harmless by the GreCon spark extinguishing systems"

"The independent and solution-oriented approach suited us very well during commissioning"

Matthias Kelch- Head of Facitliy Management - Pelz Group


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