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GreCon Spark Extinguishing System secures production availability of Kröger Buch- und Verlagsdruckerei in Wedel/Germany

The printing trade has strongly changed over the course of time due to internet anddigitising, the print runs are falling, and the market is saturated.

Many printing offices have had to close in the last decade. The only ones to survive are those who can flexibly react to customers’

requirements and guarantee supplier’s reliability.

Kröger Buch- und Verlagsdruckerei faced this development. The long-established company, that was founded in 1879, offers a large range of print products across Europe.

Flexibility and timely despatch are the factors of success for Kröger Druck.

Nevertheless, problems could arise if the supplier’s reliability is put at risk by a fire in the filter system.
















Caption picture 1: The family business located in Wedel/Germany offers a large range of print products – flexibility and supplier’s reliability

are important factors of success in this industry

Risks of fire in the printing trade

After printing, the print products are processed: the desired end products, such as books, magazines or inserts, are cut, folded, stapled or bound from printed sheets or rolls.

Especially the mechanical processing of the print products by the rotary trimming machine, for example, holds a risk. Foreign objects in the production process,

friction or worn facilities can cause sparks or overheating. Ignition sources can be transported via the extraction system to the filter where they meet an explosive

dust-air mixture and can cause severe damage.



















Caption picture 2: The rotary trimming machine for the trimming of the print products can be the origin of dangerous sparks

Spark extinguishing system from the specialist
Spark extinguishing systems are for preventive fire protection. They detect and eliminate ignition sources before a fire or dust explosion occurs. 

Milling/comminution, drying, cooling and pressing processes with their pneumatic or mechanical conveying facilities and extractions as well as separating or storage

facilities like filters, cyclones, silos and bins are at special risk. 

Spark extinguishing systems basically consist of three elements: the control console, the spark detectors and the extinguishing devices.

The core of the spark extinguishing system is the control console. It collects and evaluates the signals from the spark detectors of the different plant areas.

The extinguishing devices of the appropriate zones are activated within milliseconds.

With more than 100,000 installed spark extinguishing systems in more than 40 years, GreCon have given proof of competence and experience in many industries.




















Caption picture 3: Function principle of a spark extinguishing system – extinguish before ignition

A fire to kick off the cooperation

After many years of production without any problems, a fire occurred in September 2016.

The mechanical processing of the print products caused ignition sources that were transported via the extraction system to the filter, located outside the building.
The filter and the upstream pre-separator started to burn.

A damage of about 45,000 EURO was caused. The expensive thing about fire is, however, often not the property damage, but the resulting loss of production and
thus loss of customers. Especially in an industry where supplier’s reliability and image are important factors, a fire can have far worse consequences.



















Caption picture 4: Scorch marks on the pre-separators of the filter after the fire in September 2016

In order to prevent such an incident in the future, an appointment with GreCon was made on short notice.

After the technical clarification, the spark extinguishing system was ordered in November for a turnkey supply.

After execution of all necessary services, it was already commissioned in the beginning of January 2017. 

“The fast and solution-oriented cooperation with the GreCon service very much accommodated us”, says Matthias Greve, Team Leader Print/Finishing of Kröger Druck.

Everything from one supplier

Besides the mounting of the equipment for the spark extinguishing system, turnkey projects also include the installation of electrical cables and water pipes.

It is not necessary to coordinate different suppliers and craftsmen, which saves time.

Shortly after commissioning, the spark extinguishing system proved itself.

“An ignition source was detected and successfully extinguished. The spark extinguishing system gives us security that no sparks reach the filter and we are spared a fire like in last autumn”,
summarises Matthias Greve the investment in safety.




































Caption picture 5: Spark detection and extinguishing system installed in Kröger’s extraction system


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