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AGT excited about the GreCon FORMATOR

"Small investment with tremendous cost reduction potential" AGT is one of the leading international wood-based panel manufacturers in terms of product quality and management philosophy. The 1000 employees of the company have set ambitious goals which they want to achieve until 2020. Thus, the company aspires e.g. to receive the award "Best place to work", it intends to enthuse its customers by service components of the augmented reality field and at the same time to achieve a reduction of the manufacturing costs of 6 m € per year. To implement the cost reduction objectives, AGT mainly relies on the forming optimisation by the GreCon FORMATOR. Only few months after commissioning of the FORMATOR, 1 m € material savings could be realised already. Since AGT did not only want to implement material savings with the FORMATOR but also quality improvements, the production team first had to build up confidence in the FORMATOR. After having this confidence, for example the safety margins which were usual before were abandoned and the savings and quality improvement potentials which the FORMATOR offers could be fully exploited. “Today, I personally have more confidence in the FORMATOR data than in the lab values. By the lab samples I only check a small percentage of our production; the FORMATOR registers much more. With the FORMATOR I see the material flow online and can adopt the parameters accordingly “ Oguzhan Ötztürk, factory manager of AGT Human values instead of human resources For AGT, the people are the most important success factors. Therefore, it is not surprising that AGT applies for the "Best place to work" award this year which presently is only granted to international groups in the Turkey. "We, at AGT, do not talk about human resources, we talk about human values. Our employees have to use the resources made available to them efficiently. Therefore we need employees who are eager for knowledge, who permanently want to learn new things and who are open to continuous improvements", Mehmet Semih Söylemez says Mehmet Semih Söylemez, CEO of AGT is convinced that "everybody who is ready to learn can change everything and reach every goal." AGT is patiently looking for these persons. The management board invests approx. 50% of its time in topics as leadership or further training. It does not surprise that today AGT is characterised by an exceptionally young and innovative team. With this team, AGT feels excellently equipped to be able to continue on its road to success.


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