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Combine five industries in one event! Step into a new chapter in the manufacturing industry The industry is entering a new era of manufacturing. With the development of innovation and technology That are ready to transform the operation process and the production process to be as efficient as possible The manufacturers have to adapt in the competition to meet the needs of the market. Through the use of modern technology and in accordance with the requirements. Promptly “Manufacturing Expo 2021” will provide a platform for industrialists from across ASEAN to discover endless opportunities to drive the growth of the manufacturing industry. A bright and sustainable future will arise from the application of modern technology and machinery in the production of plastic molds, automotive parts Automation and robot technology and surface preparation and coating technology Fully equipped with a special presentation Seminar program provides knowledge and functions to meet industry peers. If you''re a technology provider, don''t miss the opportunity to promote your brand and reach 45,000 more quality manufacturing customers. Reserve your space today. Along with the benefits of the event''s public relations media Online and offline, 365 days


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