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Spark detector DLD 1/9 For best detection performance in any environment

Technical data/Technical specifications: Highly sensitive detector for detecting sparks and hot particles. Insensitive to daylight and artificial light. Excellent detection performance for all ignition sources in any environment thanks to adaptive detection technology. Specifications: Current drawn at 20V: 8 mA up to 30 mA Spectral response: Spectral response near IR Temperature, environment: -40 ° C up to +70 ° C Temperature, material flow: -40 ° C up to 70 ° C Temperature, storage: -40 ° C up to +70 ° C Relative humidity: 0 up to 95%, non-condensing Transportation speed: 2 up to 50 m / s (other speeds on demand) Connection: pre-fitted connecting cable Housing color: melon yellow RAL 1028 Air purge adapter: If dirt accumulation or other build-up on the sensor optics is expected. Cleaning times are thus extended.


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